Nitro Governor

Setting up the nitro-Governor:

Please take note that during every setup procedures the motor has to be turend off. Otherwise the motor can spool up accidentally during the setup procedures!

For the nitro governor we have implemented 2 different modes. Please read more about them in the following specific pages. Here a overview about the modes:

  • Nitro combined mode: Here we have one channel for throttle and RPM preset. This guarantees a soft spoolup while switching hard from idle to a defined governed headspeed. The throttle curve for governed headspeed is included in the VBar here, the throttle curve for idle will be in the transmitter. This mode can also be used with standard hookup, in this case this channel will be the bankswitch channel too. This is our recommended mode on every nitro heli for firmware 5.2.4 with pc software 5.2.5 or higher.
  • Nitro 2 channel mode: Here we have different channels for throttle and RPM preset from the transmitter. Just as using another nitro governor. The bankswitch can be assigned as you like. This mode needs a manual spoolup before switching into governed headspeed to avoid too much acceleration. The throttle curve will be kept in transmitter.

 Preconditions for the usage of the nitro-Governor:

  • At first we need a servo that gives us best control on the throttle. Several tests with different servos showed us small but noticeable differences between slow and fast servos. So we decided to use an old (must have long pulse, 1,500 µs) tail servo Futaba S9254 on our nitros.
  • The next thing is the RPM sensor. You can use a sensor with 1 active magnet at the fan or clutch like Align and others, a backplate sensor, and  a sensor with one or more magnets on the main wheel. The sensor signal lead must be connected with the Sensor II port, the colour assignments are accordingly to the servos. This port is powered with 3.3 Volts. Sensors that need full rc voltage must be connected with the power leads to another unused servo port.