Manual Standard VBar

Welcome to VBar Express 5.0

The VBar with V 5.0 Express software is an innovative product setting new standards for model helicopters in terms of flight performance and programming capacity.


  • Easy Start setup via PC or Control Panel
  • Programming Assistant (Setup Wizard): gets you ready for flight in 11 steps
  • Fine adjustments can be done at  the field in your transmitter (no PC necessary)
  • Ready for online updates as they become available 

Safety Instructions

An R/C controlled helicopter is not a toy! While moving, the rotor blades pose a serious danger to persons and things. You must obey all safety instructions of the manufacturer for operation of your helicopter.

VBar is not an autopilot! Mini VBar may be installed in helicopters which are suitable for flying without flybar. During installation and operation you must follow all instructions given in the software and in this manual. VBar may not be operated in wet conditions (high humidity or rain). If the helicopter shows vibrating behavior during flight, operation of the helicopter is to be stopped immediately. Do not continue flying until the cause for vibration has been eliminated. 

  • When setting up with a single line receiver or Spektrum satellites: disconnect the motor wires or remove the pinion gear to avoid accidental spooling up of the helicopter while setting up the speed controller (ESC) functions.
  • The same applies when loading unknown setup or preset-files, as they may transport other receiver and speed controller settings as you have on your heli!
  • Never connect the Gyro-Sensor to a port other that it‘s own or it will be destroyed immediately and beyond repair.
  • Note: A heli equipped with VBar draws higher currents than a conventional flybarred heli. Make sure you use a sufficient power supply.