The homepage is a homepage hosted in Germany.  The German imprint is the master document, the english version here is just for your convenience.


We do have no control over other than our own website, so we are not responsible for any linked content. We try to maintain all content current, but still cannot guarantee completeness and correctness.

Data Storage

The Forum is a complete separate section of the website, which stores your login information as needed for the forum operations. There is no data exchange to other instances. Moderators are the site operator and Staff of Mikado Model Helicopters GmbH.

If you login at the main page, (top line) asks if the access is allowed. The request is done by email adress. There is no more data exchange than the ok/nok status. is usable without any login, just the personal section is missing in this case. You may add data in the "My V-Devices" Sections, that is stored at only.

We are not using any tracking tools. Logfiles are stored at the server in the usual manner, this data is needed to analyze and eliminate abuse, which is unfortunately very common these days.

If you add data to run service requests, your data is viewed by Mikado Staff to do the service work only. It is not analyzed in any other form.

Manage your Data

You can view and change your forum login data. If you like your account to be removed, contact one of the Moderators or

The Mikado ID is generated and stored at Please direct your requests to

Software Delivery may deliver software for your devices if you bought licenses at This process does not involve personal data on the side of