Setup Tools

All basic settings will be done with the Setup Tools menu's - New plane wizard or Edit wizard. It is essential that the new model setup is completed once with a new model. If changes on existing models are needed, they must be done with the Edit Wizard.
The basic adjustments are always designed to have no stabilization in Bank1, a soft stabilization in Bank2, and a enhanced stabilization in Bank3. It is highly recommendet to have a Bank with no stabilization always in the background, especially when testing out parameter changes.
Please unplug motor cables during any setup procedures to avoid unintentioned injuries from rotating props.
Unplug the servos during the basic setup until the wizard prompts you to plug them in . This avoids unintended mechanical binding during setup.

For general descriptions about the VBar Control system like switch assignments etc. - please read the VBar Control Device Manual.



After selecting the basic model type, all basic data will be loaded automatically. This may take a few seconds. Afterwards the basic setup will be completed with the settings from the following wizard panels.


The sensor orientation must be selected according to how the sensor is to be mounted. In case of a mini VBar - the picture of a mini will be shown.


Set up the maximum throw, center, and direction in all panels - just until there is binding or the servo runs out of force. This is independend from the usual throw measurements given by the model manufacturer. The real throw in flight will always be calculated by our control loop.


If using some aileron difference - set as needed. Value range is: 0-off, 1-maximum, 100=minimum.


In throttle panel set values for motor off and full throttle. Idle values for nitros, gasser and turbine will be set on another panel seperately later.


If the model has flaps - it would be best to assign a switch in first panel and keep the default values. Then toggle to next and set directions and maximum mechanical throw using the assigned switch. Now set up the throw you want to have in flight at each switch position in first panel.


If the model has a V-tail - we will display this instead of rudder and elevator of course.


 The same on Delta configuration - instead of elevator and aileron.


For all models - model name (Acces through wizard and menue)