Version overview

Overview of the VBar NEO hardware versions:


external RX Version

internal Sat Version

VBasic yes - if delivered as VBasic no
VBar Heli Express yes - if delivered as Express yes
VBar Heli Professional optional optional
VBar Heli Pro Rescue optional optional
VPlane Professional for VBC optional** no**
VCopter Professional for VBC optional** no**
VCopter Pro Rescue for VBC optional** no**
VLink Upgrade not needed optional***

** Plane / Copter Version is only available in combination with VBar Control usage.

*** Vlink Upgradecheck - see description here


Overview of the Software versions:


Hardware APP APP Name APP Version
VBar NEO Express 6.3 2018-06-24
Extender 1.0 2015-04-26
VBar NEO Pro 6.3 2018-06-24
VBar NEO Rescue 6.3 2018-06-24
VCopter Pro 1.2 2018-06-24
VCopter Rescue 1.2 2018-06-24
VPlane 1.3 2018-06-24
VBasic 1.1 2018-06-24



Overview of the helicopter functions V6 Express, V6 Pro and V6 Pro Rescue for VBar NEO:

Function V6 Express
V6 Pro
V6 Pro Rescue
Firmware logo
Control swashplate V6 V6V6
Control tail rotor V6 V6V6
Setup wizard yes yesyes
Preset selector yes* yes*yes*
Direct setup tabs - yesyes
Digital Bus RX input yes yesyes
Spektrum satellites yes yesyes
Sensor alignments 4 4+44+4
Swashplate 120 ° yes yesyes
Swashplate 120° rev. yes yesyes
Swashplate 90° yes yesyes
Swashplate mech. mixing yes yesyes
Custom swashplate - yesyes
Swash rotation - yesyes
Geometry correction always on your choiceyour choice
Swash servo types digital digitaldigital
Cyclic adjustment Adjustment
during setup

during setup

during setup
Collective adjustment Adjustment
during setup
during setup
during setup
Pitch pump - yesyes
Cyclic ring fixed adjustableadjustable
CCPM fine trim - yesyes
Heck servo type all allall
Voltage monitoring yes ** yes **yes **
Vibration monitoring yes ** yes **yes **
Autotrim yes yesyes
Optimizer swasplate - yesyes
Pre torque compensation fixed adjustableadjustable
Optimizer tail  - yesyes
Agility settings yes yesyes
Flight style settings yes yesyes
Expert settings swashplate - yesyes
Tail gyro gain settings yes ** yes **yes **
Stick expo adjustable adjustableadjustable
Gyro modes HH HHHH
Expert settings tail rotor - yesyes
Bankswitch yes yesyes
Extended vibration display
(Spektrum analyzer)
- yes **yes **
Event logfile - yesyes
Governor yes (electric) yesyes
Telemetry yes * yes *yes *
Heli / Copter Rescue - -yes **

* Only available in combination with VBar Control usage - seperate hardware might be required.

** extendes functionality with VBar Control, a seperate App might be required.