Archive 2014

DateSoftware / Firmware itemChanges
 Initial Release
Initial Release
2014-05-28Fullsize VBar Firmware 6.0.4



Mini VBar Firmware 6.0.4
VBar Control System Version 1.1 - 799
Auto Switchoff App
VBar Basic Setup App
Screenshot App
Buddybox Functions App
Easy Aux Channels App
Free swash configuring App
Nitro Governor App
VBar Pro Parameters App
Alert Timer App
Talking Switches App
Talking Telemetry App
English speaking voice App
 New Release
Update all VBars and VBar Controls!
Fullsize VBar Firmware 6.0.6

Improved Binding, Buddybox handling and tail drift correction, preparation for upcoming Apps - please update all VBars!

Mini VBar Firmware 6.0.6
VBar Control System Version 1.1 - 800Improved Bind handling (Motor off required), some smaller fixes - please update all VBar Controls!
Auto Switchoff AppPauses on USB activity
Battery Logbook AppNew App - Battery logfiles
VBar Basic Setup AppForced Setup at conversions, small display fixes
VBar Pro Parameters AppAdded Swash finetrim panel
U/I Sensor AppNew App - mAh Battery sensor
RPM Telemetry Setup AppNew App - RPM Display for ext. Governor
Alert Timer AppNew calculation
2014-09-20Alert Timer AppBugfix in Uptimer, 30s reminder selectable
2014-09-28Easy Aux AppReplaced with Pro Aux - Please switch over - will be removed soon.
Pro Aux AppNew App - up to 4 AUX channels (Standard VBar) - fully configureable (switch, poti, positions, delay, failsafe)
2014-10-12Tail Micro Trim AppNew App - available on request only - Tail hover drift compensation
2014-11-12Easy Aux AppRemoved - please use Pro Aux App
2014-11-23Pro Aux AppMax. throw extended to 120%
2014-11-28GPS SupportNew App - initial Release
Battery IDNew App - initial release
Update info
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New Release
Update Control Manager and VBar Control
2014-12-19VBar Control Manager Version 1.2Automatic file check included
Improved update handling
VBar Control System Version 1.1 - 867

Oflline File Viewer (Screenshot, Logs etc.)
Voume setting in 4 groups
Improved Speech output
Safety Switch for Motor
Logs sorted into model-named folders
Important: Please delete old content of /screenshots and /log folder on your VBC

VBar Basic Setup App

Nearfield detection display
Throttle range set to 0-100%

Copy Banks
Log viewer for current model
various fixes

Wireless Sim AppNew App - Wireless Simulator - requires a Sim VBar or VBar with Sim Firmware, a additional cable set and a satellite receiver.
Battery Logbook AppBattery Log Viewer
Pro Aux AppValue range extended to 120%
Moved to Menue Model Setup/Extensions
Free swash configuring AppImproved calculation
Nitro Governor AppAdded for 140xxxxxxx devices (black fullsize w/o sat ports)
VBar Pro Parameters AppTail Overdrive Vorbereitung (follows later in 2015)
Additional RPM / ESC Panels
Basic Throttle Value added
various fixes
GPS Support AppCurrent / Last Model Position through QR Code
RC Voltage Monitor AppNew App - initial Release
RPM Telemetry Setup AppMoved to Menue Model Setup/Extensions
Alert Timer AppImproved Speech output
Moved to Menue Model Setup/Extensions
Talkingswitches AppImproved Speech output
Talkingtelemetry AppImproved Speech output
Moved to Menue Model Setup/Extensions


VBar Basic Setup AppFaster transmission to banks in collective endpoints panel
Alert Timer AppTimer impoved handling for uneven Time setting