Step 5: Transmitter settings - combined mode - recommended

This is our recommended mode on every nitro heli for firmware 5.2.4 with pc software 5.2.5 or higher

In the combined mode we split the throttle channel signal from TX in a lower half (-115 %...0 %) going directly to the throttle servo (start, idle, stop) and as a precondition for autorotation bailout handling. The upper half (0 %...100 %) will be used as RPM preset values, within this range the VBar switches to it's internal throttle curve (supporting the actual governor).

In your transmitter, a flight condition "normal" must be set up with a flat throttle curve (very low) that limits the throttle signal in the VBar to -91 % including the trim. Don't forgrt to program a trim or throttle cut switch to turn the motor off (-115 %). This will be our flight condition to turn the motor on, running in idle and turn it off. We always switch to a governed headspeed from this condition on the ground. This will provide a soft spoolup.

As next we have to program the "real" and governed flight conditions (Idle 1-3). Set a simple flat throttle curve betwenn 0 and 100 % in the transmitter. 100 % will be translated as the max RPM value in gov 2 tab. Less % will be ... less RPM of course. The throttle curves needed behind are stored in the Vbar and can be modified in the flight panel / expert if needed.

As last we enable the autorotation bailout. Therefore we have in some transmitters a special throttle setting for a increased idle. Set this to a value above -90 % (VBar throttle channel). The higher you set this value, the less latency will be there for the spoolup when you want to abort an autorotation about to go wrong. We recommend a value around -70 % in the beginning. Enabling the autorotation bailout option will give you a 10 times faster spoolup to abort autos (or just play with it ...). It is engaged always after 10 seconds of flying with governed headspeed. If you do a auto down to the ground, don't forget to switch back to normal condition once to get the soft spoolup again, else you will experience a hot start on the ground.