Special Throttlecurves

We have been asked for a way to set up 7-Point throttlecurves together with the governor. This feature is supposed to be used on turbine (yes, with VGov!), nitro or gasser models. The curves were set up with makrocells and their usage must be defined in the Governor of course.


To enable a "special throttlecurve" for a certain bank - just dial in a negative(!) number as colletive ad. This number represents the makrocell number which is used.



And now set up the curves with the makrocells as you like. Input is collective of course. Using a "normal" curve for manual spoolup is also possible - but this bank must also be named for throttle direct operation in the Gov Special panel, otherwise it will be Gov'ed too.


Remember to save/load the makrocell setup seperately in the makrocells menue if you want to share it.

One more hint - flying w/o Gov is possible too, just disconnect the RPM sensor. The automatic spoolup will still work!