Range check

With our VBar Control, you can check the bi-directional data transmission. VBar Control will always use the best of the four possible antenna combinations. So shielding effects on one of the four paths will not show an effect to the horizontal bar graph as the lesser transmission path will not be used. Especially the antenna in the antenna stub of the transmitter has lesser radio reception during our test—and the internal antenna aligned 90° to it has the better conditions. The same will apply on the model, so the antennae in the model should be aligned at approx. 90° to each other for best results. And of course—the active part of the antenna cables (final 2 in/6 cm) must be kept away of metal or carbon parts.


Example with a Logo 800 XXTreme:


A range check may be done with the model standing on a wooden table (metal frame is OK) approx. 1 m above ground level. Now walk around the model at about 30 ft/10 m distance with transmitter antenna pointing towards the model. Check from various directions until you have walked all around the model once. The horizontal bar must always be above of the mark in the display. If it drops below that threshold, check/change antenna alignment and positions to get better results.