Timer / Clocks Pro

The Timer/Clocks Pro app overrides the standard Timer app.

Timer Pro Settings:

The values (time, up/down) are stored in the same place as for the standard timer app inside the NEO so if someone does not have the pro app he can use the model with the standard timer app as well. The announces are stored in VBCt and also the same as for standard timer app.


 The upper part of the menue is the same as for standard timer.


Scrolling down you can enable the pro timer, assign a own switch and position.


A secondary switch (hooked as AND) can be assigned. Also a throttle threshold is possible which would be work as single trigger w/o switch too.


Clocks Pro Settings:

We have 6 additional clocks. They can be displayed as userscreen elements. The values are logged at the end of flight.

Each clock has a word phrase and also switch or touchbutton(userscreen element) to be assigned.


In expert you can assign a secondary (AND) switch as well as enable announces on start/stop.