Step 4: Settings in governor 2 tab

Throttle servo adjustment:
Throw and direction is adjustable. To move the servo enable collective stick control. Motor off must be at -115%.

The motor off position is also used for failsafe. Please check this out without blades for the right function. Therfore do 2 tests, one will be to turn the TX off, the other one to disconnect the RX from the VBar.  Take note that there may be 2 failsafe settings, one between TX and RX and one between RX and VBar using others than Spektrum sats directly connected. As we can only detect a missing or out of range signal at our inputs as precondition for our internal failsafe, it is your turn to set the failsafe between TX and RX to motor off position. 

Gear settings:

  • Max. Headspeed: This headspeed will be given at 100% TX preset channel signal input. Set as low as needed for better resolution on the preset channel.
  • Gear Ratio: If you know the number of teeth only you will find a gear ratio calculator in the expert menu (doctor's hat left top). Please take note of the hover text, set to number of active magnets using magnets and sensor at the main wheel.

Autorotation Bailout mode:

When this mode is active and a preset headspeed signal is higher than -90, the autorotation bailout is armed. This will give a quick soft spoolup switching back to a preset headspeed (more than 0 %), to do autorotation training. Switching to a valid preset from below -90 % will cause normal spoolup.