Single Line

Single Line Receiver

In Single Line Mode, all inputs including the potis and switches are mapped to a channel on the single line protocol. Depending on the used protocol this allowes to transmit most of the raw channels.

In VBasic the Single Line Output is connected to the macrocell subsystem, so the macrocells are programmed to do this task. In this mode the Output Channels are not used, but they still may be programmed to output something.

There are supported 5 different output Protocols:

S BusFutaba S Bus1614ms
UDIUniversal Digital Input (here used as Output)1210ms
SpekSimulate Spektrum Sat Signal (Appears at AUX1, not on the Tele Sockets!)720ms
PPM88 Channel PPM818ms
PPM1212 Channel PPM1224ms

It is possible to change the default update rates, but it is not guaranteed, that the new rate will work correctly with the target unit.

Channel Assignment for the serial channels. Depending on the used protocol, only the numbered channels are output. All assignments can be changed freely in the macrocell setup.

ChannelDescriptionS BusUDISpekPPM8PPM12
1Flight Control Aileronxxxxx
2Flight Control Elevatorxxxxx
3Flight Control Tailxxxxx
4Throttle Stick (Raw Stick Input)xxxxx
5Throttle Output (Throttle after Idle offsets and failsafe)xxxxx
6Pot 1xxxxx
7Pot 2xxxxx
8Motor Switchxx xx
9Bank Switchx x  x
10Buddy Switchx x  x
11Option 1 Switchx x  x
12Option 2 Switchx x  x
13Option 3 Switchx    
14Not Usedx    
15Not Usedx    
16Not Usedx    

Diagram how the signal is routet through the blocks in single line mode