Hints for conversions or new users

If you will convert to NEO/EVO from a mini VBar or Standard VBar - or you have chosen NEO/EVO as your entrance model - we may support you with a small guide here.

In case of a conversion it is always best to redo a complete setup from scratch, there may possibly some small changes in center and throws with the new hardware - and so using the old setup won't give a perfect result. Other things like nitro governor have been reworked in the background and will need a new setup too. So it is definitely needed to do a new setup with a up-to-date Vbar Control and NEO/EVO!

Anayway - using the VBar Control you can read the values of the old VBar of course (Screenshot or write them down) as well as coming from V5 - save the .vbr files and open them in view mode. So you can enter your preferencies after the basic setup into the NEO/EVO.


We suggest following this order:

  1. Download and install the VBar Control Managers
  2. Register the VBar Control (if not done yet)
  3. Update the VBar Control to the latest versions
  4. Add wanted apps to VBar Control (requires update process)
  5. Setup switches, stick mode etc. in your VBar Control (if not done yet)
  6. Register the NEO/EVO (if not done yet)
  7. Update the NEO/EVO to latest versions
  8. Optional - Extend the NEO/EVO with firmware license purchase (requires update process)
  9. First use of the NEO/EVO and Bind with VBar Control
  10. Walk through the setup wizards (complete)
  11. Optional - NEO/EVO Nitro App configuration (Heli Professional)
  12. Optional - NEO/EVO Rescue App configuration (Heli Professional)
  13. Optional - NEO/EVO Makrocells App configuration (Hel&Plane Professional)
  14. Optional - edit flight parameters from previous setup manually
  15. Pre flight check (directions etc.)
  16. Bench test run (w/o blades)
  17. Maiden flight ;-)

Please take care for updating everything to the latest versions. Having any questions - don't hestitate using our Forum.