PC Software

The PC software installer will install the VBar Control Manager and the VBar NEO / EVO PC software at once in the same folder (usually at c:/program_files(x86)/VBarControl). A older version of the software will be overwritten automatically. Installations of 5.x or 4.x or older will not be overwritten, of course, they can be used on the same computer, too.

For use with a NEO - click on the 6.4 Version at the desktop - for use with a EVO - the 7.1 is required. If not on Desktop - you will find both verions in the VBar Control Manager Program Group in the usual Windows Program Manager (press Windows Key, then scroll to the Group).

The Mac-Software-Download contains both applications VBar Control Manager and VBar Software 'ready to run'. Please copy those into your /Applications directory. The driver installation will start with a double click on the driver package.
If you already have VBar drivers installed on a Mac, the driver installation is not necessary.



The VBar Control Manager will be used for update and registration - according to the VBar Control procedure. Don't forget to connect the boot plug and USB before powering up the NEO for update / registration.

For EVO - plug in USB and then turn on RC power. This will enable the EVO update mode. There is no boot plug required. For normal setup mode - power up the EVO, wait 1-2 seconds and then connect USB.

Please find more hints about this on our Video Site here.



The VBar PC Software will be used for setup - mainly according to the old V5 PC Software. So you may find installation hints - especially about the drivers if needed in the old VBar Menue structure - here the important links:



For the copy protection we have added a license keyfile function. This means - the PC software expects to be licensed for the VBar which is connected for setup. Otherwise it won't connect. So - how to get all running:

  1. download and install VBar Control manager
  2. log into www.vstabi.info with Mikado ID
  3. connect VBar for update
  4. register VBar NEO / EVO to your account (update if needed too)
  5. unpower VBar NEO / EVO remove boot plug (NEO)
  6. download keyfile from your device list (My V-Devices, Administration, My Devices) to a local folder - the file is named "keys.sto" and could not be renamed!
  7. move file from local folder to VBar Control Manager path (usually at c:/program_files(x86)/VBarControl)
    (Mac: right-click the VBar application, choose 'Show Package Contents', follow the Put Key File Here link, copy the key file there)
  8. start PC Software
  9. connect VBar for PC usage (power VBar NEO / EVO up, wait 1-2 seconds, connect USB)
  10. if no connection - check in PC control panel / system / device manager if the NEO / EVO is there as USB and ok. If not - install the driver manually (see links above)



  • Each license key file contains all VBar NEO / EVO licenses of the regarding user. So adding a new VBar NEO / EVO - just get a new file and overwrite the old one.
  • Always start the PC Software first before powering up and connecting the VBar NEO / EVO. Otherwise there will be no key verification - and so no setup can be done.



If you may have a error message like "corrupt file" after installing the pc software and keyfile - please do this steps:

  • Right click on desktop icon
  • Properties
  • Add " -l en" (with blanks but w/o "") at the end of the "target" line
  • On a Mac you can edit the info.plist file of the App (right click the App, click 'Show Package Contents', locate the info.plist file, open it in an editor, locate the line you see above and edit accordingly