Control panel update

1 Download Software

The Software is available on this Site in the download section. The package is a zip file which contains the needed files.

2 Extract Files

The zip file contains a folder called "vstabi". This folder must be extracted and copied to the root folder of the SD Card.

3 Write to SD Card

If the card already contains the folder (which normally will be the case) remove it or rename it. To access the card, you need an standard SD card reader, which enables file access to the card. most modern pc's and laptops already contain an SD card reader.

4 Update Controlpanel

The newly written card now is inserted in the Controlpanel. Select the software from the Software selection menu. Even it there is already loaded the right software type, simply reselect it. Now the software is read from the card and programmed into the Controlpanel. The Controlpanel stores the latest selected software in its internal flash memory, so that the card is not needed for the Controlpanel to work. Nevertheless you need it if you want to load/store Setups or Presets or select new Software types (Quick, Expert, Language).

Thats all. Have Fun with the Controlpanels new Software.