U/I Sensor App

The U/I Sensor App is a small Application, that shows the current Voltage, Current, and used Capacity of an connected battery. The App needs a U/I Sensor for VBar Control.

The Icon shown in the above screenshot will show up if the U/I Sensor is connected to the battery and the app is installed. Additionally you will find a new menu item in the "Application Setup" Menu folder called "U/I Sensor".


IF you open this item, you get an Overviw of the measured values of the U/I Sensor. These are the raw values, that now can be used by other applications like the Battery Logbook as well.

The Values are updated as they are measured, so its a good chance to check if the voltage of the connected Battery is displayed. The Peak Current is the peak of a measuting period of about 100ms. So very sharp peaks are not recorded, but peaks that really have effect are not hidden behind the sharp peaks.

Note that if you are using a BEC, and this is connected behind the current sensor, you will see a certain idle current, which is what the BEC is consuming from the main Battery

The Option "Write Logfile" enables to write a logfile of the recorded Values with some additional information into a comma seperated Value file (.csv). The file can be opened with excel, and diagrams can easily generated from this data. The File will be created in the "log" folder of the vbars drive, it will be overwritten after 20 Logs. Please use the date of the File to identify the matching vbar logfile. The number of the file does not necessary show the matching file.

Usually a Logfile is only needed for detailed in flight analysis of short term events. The important Values like maximum power or minimum Voltage is recorded separately, so there is no logfile needed to find out these things.

The Capacity counter is automatically reset, if the battery is connetced.