Step 1: Preparing the helicopter

Magnet and other nitro sensors:

In general it will be possible to run nearly any kind of this sensors with the VBar. Our Sensor socket pin assignment is the same as on a servo socket, black = GND; red = V+; orange = signal. The socket provides 3.3V for the sensor. If the sensor needs full RC voltage, get this from another unused servo port and connect the signal lead only. Using magnet sensors on the fan or clutch there is only 1 magnet active, the other will be mounted upside down for balance only. Using magnet sensors on the main wheel it will be better to have every magnet active.

  •     Align Sensor: Swap red and black cable at the connector, Sensor II Port
  •     Backplate: Check distance (2-2.5mm) for correct working, All aluminium backplate needed, Sensor II Port
  •     Curtis Youngblood Sensor: from the ATG V3, Sensor II Port
  •     Futaba GV-1 sensor: Sensor II Port
  •     Stator Gator: Sensor II Port
  •     Aerospire Sensor: Sensor II Port