Spektrum DX8

The goal of this setup is to simulate a VBar Control as best as possible. So we don't use flight conditions in real - they are just for display. All switches are connected direct to a RX channel.

Due some hardware limitations of the TX - the rescue switch does not have the (no 3-way, but spring loaded needed) hover mode for beginners as with Vbar Control.

At least - you can dial in the setup with the pc software or with a VBar control. Using a Vbar Control - this will always be the master if connected. It will allow you (if both connected and correctly set up) at least crossover-buddyboxing!

Please note that we used 2 DSM-X Sats running at 11ms. Running at 22ms or using DSM2 will not allow you to assign AUX3 to the Trainer (Rescue). In this case - consult your TX manual how to get a useful output here.


PC Setup


VBC Setup


Settings of the DX 8 - We use switches to get the functionality according to VBar Control. The flight conditions in TX must be assigned because we need the throttle curve for motor switch.