Upon successful initialization of the VBar and pre-flight check you may proceed to the maiden flight with your VBar. At the field you may further adjust the following values in your transmitter:

  • Yaw rate (via dual rate tail channel)
  • Cyclic rates aileron and elevator
    (via dual rate, cyclic channels, < 110 %)
  • Expo function for aileron, elevator and tail.
    You can adjust the control behavior at
    stick center.
  • Collective pitch travel via pitch curve

Trim flight:

During a trim flight, VBar performs all necessary trims of the helicopter automatically (elevator, aileron, tail). A trim flight is not necessary if the servo linkages are installed mechanically correct, the swash plate is leveled, and the center of gravity is set properly.

To perform a trim flight, turn on the helicopter while the stick for collective is at full positive. The VBar confirms this with a short double-twitch (jump) of the swash plate. It is best to perform the trim flight in very calm weather conditions. For further information on how to perform a trim flight, click on Trim flight info in the flight menu.