Scorpion App


If you have a fully NEO integrated Scorpion Tribunus ESC - please do the setup as following:

  • Link to the current manual from Scorpion
  • Link to a how-to-built guide for telemetry cable from Scorpion
  • Link to Scorpion - get Software, Registration and Firmware from there
  • Load the Scorpion app on your VBar Control
  • Update ESC Firmware (PL must be 40 or higher)
  • Enable VBar communication protocol in ESC with Scorpion PC Software
  • Connect the ESC completely (Master to "ESC", Slave to "RPM", Telemetry with adapter cable to "TELE") to NEO
  • Select "New Heli" or "Edit Heli" wizard - or the "Setup / Governor Mode" panel. The original one has been replaced by a Scorpion Auto Setup panel.
  • the setup is done fully automatic, just set the BEC voltage.
  • depending on changes the ESC may restart when leaving the panel once
  • afterwards check gear and headspeed settings
  • that's all! - Model and ESC are now set up for use with VBar Governor
  • For battery management we suggest using the Battery Logbook App as well as installing a Battery ID reader and the required App