Step 3: Preparing the transmitter and throttle linkage

To achieve the full functionality it is required to set up everything exactly as described below. The percentage values are our values in the VBar pc software (throttle channel) governor 1 tab. The throttle servo linkage rod must be unmounted in the beginning! 

  • Set linear throttle curve in TX (flight condition normal)
  • Adjust the throttle signal direction (full throttle = positive values)
  • Adjust the throttle center using sub trim in TX to 0% in pc soft (Stick centered)
  • Adjust the "motor off" value to -115% including all trims down and possible throttle cut switch using the servo travel settings in TX
  • Adjust the throttle trim range (stick down) from -115 to -92% - Use trim step adjustments in TX if possible
  • Adjust full throttle to 100% (use servo travel in TX)
  • Switch to governor 2 tab
  • Use collective control mode to check throttle servo direction. Reverse in pc soft if needed. Turn control mode off.
  • Set throttle servo travel for "motor off" to -115%. Trim / switch to motor off in TX now.
  • Lengthen the rod for a even fully closed throttle in this position and mount it.
  • Turn on collective control mode, give full collective (throttle)
  • Set the full throttle servo throw as needed now