Setup videos

Nr Video Comment File
1 Conversion Convert an existing 3.6 setup to 4.0
Next do an trimflight and redo the tail limit settings
2 Preparations How to prepare your heli for use with VBar 02-Preparations
3 TX Settings Prepare your transmitter for use with VBar 03-TX Settings
4 (Standard VBar only) RX Wiring Wire the receiver with the VBar central unit
IMPORTANT HINT: Please connect the sensor as well, even not shown in the video, this is mandatory that VBar accepts settings from the PC!
04-RX wiring
4a (mini VBar only) RX Wiring (universal) Wire the receiver with the mini VBar
04a-Connecting RX
4b (only with spektrum satellites) Satellites wiring (Spektrum) Wire the Spektrum Satellites with the mini and regular VBar

04b-Connecting Spektrum satellites
5 Load preset How to load a preset for a existing heli or use a universal preset. See hint above.
05-Load preset
6 (Standard only, mini at 16a) Servo Wiring Connect the servos to the VBar central unit 06-Servo wiring
7 TX Calibration Calibrate TX to the VBar 07-TX signals
8 Tail Settings Setup tail servo type and limits 08-Tail settings
9 Expert Tail Settings Additional tail settings (Torque Compensation, Pitch zero). Only for users of universal presets 09-Expert tail settings
10 Pirouette Optimization Piruette optimization Only for users of universal presets 10-Pirouette optimization
11 Swashplate Servos Setup swashplate servos setup 11-Swashplate servos
12 Collective Direction Setup collective direction Only for users of universal presets 12-Collective direction
13 Control Rods Connect all pushrods from the servo horn to the blade grips 13-Control rods
14 Swashplate Rotation Swashplate rotations - Only for users of universal presets 14-Swashplate rotation
15 Collective Throw Setup of collective throw 15-Collective throw
16 Sensor Mounting How to mount the sensor 16-Sensor mounting
16a (Mini VBar only) Mounting How to mount the mini VBar - including wiring the servos 16a-Mounting
17 Check Directions Doublechecking of effective directions 17-Check directions
18 Trim Flight How to use the automatic trim function in trim flight 18-Trim flight
19 Cyclic Settings Set up the cyclic range to the needs of the pilot 19-Cyclic settings
20 Tail Settings How to adjust the tail to the pilots preferences 20-Tail settings
21 Optimizations Hints to the optimizations used in VBar 21-Optimizations
22 Bank Switching How to use bank switching 22-Bank switching