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On this page you find a collection of helpful links to go with your VBar Control. 


Your V-Devices

Here, you find the VBar Controls registered to your Mikado ID as well as the VBars that already have version 6 enabled.

My VBar Control Devices

Here, you finde a complete list of the VBars registered to your MikadoID

My VBars

Check 'Options' and the magnifiying-glass icon there: here you can enable version 6 for all the devices registered to your Mikado ID—once a VBar Control is also registered to your MikadoID.



The Manuals

Our Device Manual is for the VBar Control itself. It contains necessary information regarding the use and of course the safety information. You can read it on your PC using e.g. Adobe Reader.

The E-Book with slightly reduced content is designed to be read on your smart phone or tablet, using an e-book reader app—including full-text search, bookmarks, cross references.

VBar Control Device Manual (PDF)

VBar Control Device Manual (EPUB)

The Setup Manual contains step-by-step chapters for setting up VBar controlled models and ESCs, as well as the basig flight parameters.

VBar Control Setup Manual (PDF)

VBar Control Setup Manual (EPUB)

Online manuals for Apps can be found here:

VBar Control Online Manuals




There is only one download needed for your VBar Contro: the VBar Control Manager:

Download Manager für PC und Mac


Video Tutorials

Getting started with your VBar Control

VBar Control first steps and setup

Registration, access to firmware version 6, updates, the App Store

VBar Control Registration, Update, App Store

Everything concerning your VBar, such as registration, update, recovery in case of an update gone wrong can be found here:

VStabi Videos


Getting Help

The VBar FAQ is located here:


Information regarding  can be found here


and here