Autoswitch Stickmode

Somteimes Pilots use different stickmodes for different modeltypes. An example is the collective "pulling" pilot may use stick forward for the throttle of his planes. Or sometimes they swap aileron and tail for helis and planes.

Failsafe and preprogrammed gyro functionality requires the right stickmode for each model. To ensure this we made this app. Depending on the type of the model (heli, plane, copter) it allows to select a separate stickmode. The default setting allows to define the mode to use for all other applications. (i.e. VSim and VBasic).

If the App is installed, the settings in the basic  transmitter configuration is nor longer valid. On the first install the app takes over the current stickmode as default and all model types are set to default, so there is no change just for the app install. The stickmode only can be set in this app.


The currently used stickmode is displayed in the upper right corner. Below the detected modeltype is shown. The Modenumber is the same as shown in the basic settings: Mode 1..4 normal collective, mode 5..8 reversed collective.

If the app is deinstalled or deactivated, the last set stickmode remains active, and the settings of the basic transmitter configuration is valid again.

The settings are made in the transmitter, so it works perfectly together with model sharing.