General Settings

Express/Basic Setup

  • Attention All parameters explained here are banked, which means you can set different values for three different banks/flight modes (four, in case you want to use bank four for autorotation­­. To use this feature, install the Pro Parameters-App). The parameter for the active bank is highlighted in white. The highlighting changes immediately when you operate the switch assigned to bank switching.
  • Attention Once you enter a value (like ‘Mainrotor Expo’) and move one of the rotary knobs, the knob automatically assigns itself to the parameter in question. Note that the rotary knob position is absolute. This means if it is set to 50 for a specific value, and you enter a bank which has a value of 70, rotating the knob will make the parameter jump to 50 first, before it changes to the selected value. The rotary knob stays assigned until you turn off the transmitter or change the assignment, even if you exit the setup to the main screen.
  • Attention To avoid accidental changing of parameters, you may assign a switch to temporarily lock and unlock changing parameters with the rotary knobs. Alternatively you may lock this feature completely (Transmitter Setup/Assign & Calibrate/Mandatory Switches).
  • Attention You may also change values with the EDS Dial. Note that the position of the EDS Dial is relative. This means it will always change parameters from where they are currently set. This feature is only active for the parameter currently selected from the menu.