Tail servo list

As there are so many different tail servos on the market we have decided to provide a list of all information we have to set them up correctly in your VBar.

If your tail servo is not listed here please post the servo data in this forum thread. We will check from time to time and edit this list.

Important: Mind that there is a mandatory setting (center pulse) and an optional setting (frequency). If you have a servo not listet here, please research the specs and use the setting which comes closest, wide pulse (1,500 µsec) or narrow pulse (760 µsec) and the frequency next to the maximum your servo supports (but not higher). The pulse with must meet your servo's spec, else the center position will be off and the servo may take damage.

Our tests have revealed that a higher frequency than 333 Hz does not lead to any noticeable advantages in flight, so we have limited the max. frequency to 333 Hz.

Of course we were not able to get our hands on every tail servo on the market for a check, and so this list has to be seen as a suggestion w/o any warranty only. Please check a new tail servo for direction, center, force and endpoints before starting a flight!

tail servo list
ManufacturerServo typeFrequencyCenter pulse
ACEDS0606333 Hz1,500 µsec
ACEDS0606 n333 Hz760 µsec
Airtronics94758333 Hz1,500 µsec
Airtronics94761333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 520333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 425 M333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 525 M333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 620333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 650333 Hz1,500 µsec
AlignDS 651333 Hz1,500 µsec
BKDS-3005HV333 Hz760 µsec
FutabaS 9253333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 9254333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 9257333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 9451333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 9650333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 3153333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 3154333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaBLS 451333 Hz1,500 µsec
FutabaS 9251333 Hz760 µsec
FutabaS 9256333 Hz760 µsec
FutabaBLS 251333 Hz760 µsec
FutabaBLS 256 HV333 Hz760 µsec
FutabaBLS 257333 Hz1,500 µsec
GAUIGS-518333 Hz1,500 µsec
GraupnerHBS 770333 Hz1,500 µsec
Hitec5925 MG333 Hz1,500 µsec
Hitec6965 HB333 Hz1,500 µsec
HitecHSG-5083MG333 Hz1000 µsec
JR8900 G333 Hz1,500 µsec
JR3400G333 Hz1,500 µsec
JR2700 G200 Hz1,500 µsec
JR8700 G200 Hz1,500 µsec
JR810 G200 Hz1,500 µsec
JRMP 80 G333 Hz1,500 µsec
JRSPG 01333 Hz1,500 µsec
JRMP 83 GWV333 Hz1,500 µsec
LogictechLTS-3100 G333 Hz960 µsec
LogictechLTS-6100 G333 Hz960 µsec
MKSHBL 880333 Hz760 µsec
MKSHBL 950 HV333 Hz1,500 µsec
MKSHBL 980 HV333 Hz760 µsec
MKSHBL 669333 Hz760 µsec
MKSBLS 980333 Hz760 µsec
MKSBLS 990333 Hz760 µsec
MKSDS 95 i333 Hz760 µsec
MKSDS 760333 Hz760 µsec
MKS8910A333 Hz760 µsec
NexsporBLS4012T333 Hz760 µsec
RobbeFS 61 BB333 Hz1,500 µsec
SABDS12T333 Hz760 µsec
SavoxSB-2272 MG333 Hz1,500 µsec
SavoxSB-2271 MG333 Hz1,500 µsec
SavoxSC-1257 TG333 Hz1,500 µsec
SavoxSH-1290 MG333 Hz1,500 µsec
SkyHDS-577200 Hz1,500 µsec
SkyHDS-877200 Hz1,500 µsec
TorqBL 9188 HV333 Hz760 µsec
TorqBL 9088333 Hz760 µsec