Pro AUX Channels App

Menue with output signal overview


At "Poti" the center value will shift the complete servo range - so readjust endpoints after changing center value.


At "Switch" you can assign a seperate value to each switch position


  • Open App, press Reset (important!)
  • Choose Poti or switch, toggle to center
  • Connect Servo
  • Check directions, change if needed by turning the endpoints presign
  • Set Center and Pos 1,2 - or - Pos 1,2,3
  • Set delay (0=no delay, 119=max delay, 120=stop)
  • Set Failsafe
  • Check Failsafe (therefore disconnect sat)


On a regular VBar do not connect a device drawing high current to 'Servo'. This might overload and damage the circuits of the VBar. In this case use the power from another socket and connect the signal pin only at "Servo".

Regarding the configuration of optional switches please see the Device-Manual on page 13.

Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.

Note This App needs only to be installed during setup. It is not necessary for the operation of the model.