NEO Nitro Governor App

Enable the VBar n-Governor (NEO VBar with Pro firmware required):


Throttle servo settings:

Set throttle servo limits with regard to the idle trim setting—it is not necessary to set idle trim to zero as on conventional radios. In addition to the VBar e-Governor, the throttle channel may be reversed. The valid range for the limits is betwenn 80 and 120 % for each direction. Please choose the servo arm accordingly. The throttle servo must be connected to the 'ESC' port.


Nitro Special:

Throttle direct Bank in this bank (flight mode), throttle will be controlled with the collective stick, starting with throttle minimum. This can be helpful for starting the engine, and for spooling up. Throttle is limited to a sensible rpm range, to avoid over-revving the engine. It will be sufficient for hovering, of course.

Throttle Cut Switch Select a 3-way-switch. In center position, the switch is inactive. One position will be used for throttle cut—without you having to alter the idle trim, of course.


Governor Idle:

In this panel, you can set the idle position of the throttle servo.


Nitro Expert:

The same parameters as in the VBar e-Governor, but the Differential. This parameter depends on the rate of change and adds some punch to the rather slow reaction (compared to an electric motor) of an IC engine. 


Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.

Note This App needs only to be installed during setup. It is not necessary for the operation of the model.