General Tweaking Order

As some guys have been asking for a general Tweaking procedure - here it is. I would do this on the "most flown" HS and copy afterwards to the others. Please note that this procedure may be edited from time to time of course ;-)

The Gov settings are made for electrics here - but can also be done on a nitro. Having a nitro or gasser - please follow also my Vario gasser setup page.

Read more about the Electric Gov here
Read more about the Nitro Gov here


Some basic infos how tweak main rotor and tail rotor can also be used in the links.

Best preconditions are:

  • blades (fold method) are at 0deg in setup (locked) position
  • Cyclic Ring set up as best in hover collective point
  • Tail throws set in useful ranges
  • paddle sim and pitch pump are zeroed
  • style is at 70...100
  • useful gear/kv/cell count setup for the target RPM

Step 1 - Basic Gov settings:

  • Gov Gain to 0
  • Gov I to 0
  • Spoolup at zero collective
  • dial in basic throttle unless HS matches
  • go to a hover, dial in collective add unless HS will be kept under hover too
  • do a medium climb, check hs, possibly add some collective add again
  • set cyclic add to 1/3 of collective add
  • turn back gov gain and Integral

Step 2 - Basic Tail together with Gov:

  • lower tail gain (e.g. to 40)
  • hover and do medium climbs
  • on a CW heli - if nose turns to left in the climbs - increase collective torque precomp in tail
  • if it stays approx. - the optimum has been found.
  • if it still turns although the precomp is e.g. at 60 - decrease (!) the collective add of the governor (tail is overloaded by too hard gov'ing)
  • set cyclic precomp to 1/3 of collective precomp

Step 3 - Tail gain:

  • just increase ad needed to hold the tail. The VBars have a internal gain calculation depending on the flight situation to avoid oscillations - e.g. in fast flight.
  • If the tail holds well - not more gain needed

Step 4 - Elevator Precomp:

  • lower main rotor gain to 30-40 (approx 1/2 of the usual recommended gain)
  • from a hover - start a climbout
  • watch the tail boom. If it hangs down first - increase the precomp

All steps below can be done in different order:

Step 5a - Trim flight

  • as the tail torque precomp changes the tail "center" - the TF will be done after the steps above to be perfect
  • perform the trim flight on a calm day
  • lift off, hover hands off for some seconds, repeat a few times
  • if a hands off pirouette stays in place - end trim flight

Step 5b - Swash Optimizer:

  • dial in the target agility, this resets the cyclic optimizers!
  • do some constant rolls and flips in all 4 directions with approx. 50-70% of the stick throw.
  • lets say 5-10 each direction will be ok, turn the optimizer off

Step 5c - Tail Optimizers:

  • do some pirouettes in each direction
  • also some stops (5 each side will be ok)
  • turn the optimizer off
  • if the stop is a bit softer on one side (due some physics) - increase the stop gain, see if it helps
  • if it won't help - lower the tail acceleration which gives a bit softer response but more equal behaviour (optional, lower down to 45 ans less, often used on weak scale tails with 30)

Step 5d - Main Gain:

  • increase unless you won't notice changes anymore.
  • not critical - so it is possible to keep it at 80 on a usual helicopter

Step 5e - the rest:

  • dial in Style as preferred (low = more smack, high = more precise)
  • same with paddle sim
  • and pitch pump (but - if using this - the tail will show up the limit again ...)

And of course - to be perfect - most of this can be done for each bank.