Welcome to the worlds first fully integrated governor!

Our design goal on this feature was to get all important functions for best flight control into one device. This will give us many possibilities to get rid of the known limitations of external governors as well as adding new, hitherto unknown features.

So the VBar governor is a completely new experience in flying rc helicopters.

Our developement in this feature has been focussed on nitro helis of course. So this is the most important user group here that will take a benefit from our governor. We and all our beta testers spent a lot of time to get everything checked and sorted out in hundreds of flights worldwide, several versions and setup procedures.

We have also tried the governor on a few electric helis successfully. But there are some partially known limitations depending on the used hardware and so we won't give any guarantee that it will work on your existing helicopter combo. You can use and try of course, it is free for all Pro versions.

Read more about the governor and also the 5.1 controls here: