If you have a fully NEO integrated YGE LVT/HVT ESC - please do the setup as following:

  • Link to the current manuals from YGE including telemetry cable guide
  • Load the YGE app on your VBar Control
  • Converting from other Radios to VBC - ensure that the NEO is in VBC only mode (otherwise TELE1/2 Port will expect Spektrum signals)
  • Update ESC Firmware (Must be Version 1.03233 or higher)
  • Connect all wires from the ESC (master to ESC, rpm signal and telemetry, using the yge adapter wire, to RPM and TELE respectively, slave (2nd power supply cable) to any free connector on the servo side of your VBar NEO (e.g. CH4)
  • Power up the system. If no YGE App is dislayed - check ESC with PC software for correct telemetry setting (VBar)
  • Select "New Heli" or "Edit Heli" wizard - or the "Setup / Governor Mode" panel. The original one has been replaced by a YGE Auto Setup panel.
  • the setup is done fully automatic, just set the BEC voltage.
  • depending on changes the ESC may restart when leaving the panel once
  • afterwards check gear and headspeed settings
  • that's all! - Model and ESC are now set up for use with VBar Governor
  • For battery management we suggest using the Battery Logbook App as well as installing a Battery ID reader and the required App