RC Voltage Monitor

Calibrating the receiver voltage display in VBar Control
Measure the RC voltage ín your model with a common voltmeter. Use the correction value to set the new voltage according to the measured value. This value will be used in main screen for display and for the warnings here. The correction value is stored inside the VBar, so this can be done for each model seperately.

Undervoltage warning
If the RC voltage drops below the set value for some time (approx. 20 s) VBar Control will alert the pilot. If the voltage does not increase again, VBar Control will warn again after approx. 20 s. The warning threshold is stored in the VBar, so it must be set up for each model seperately. The alarm settings are stored in VBar Control.

Recommendation for setting up the warning voltage
Our tests have shown that it is necessary to set the warning level on each model seperately. It depends on the used model, servos and rc battery. To estimate a value we recommend to do a pitch pump test with a half full battery (discharge to 50 % with your charger). Set pitch pump to 50 % and perform a pitch pump test (with blades) on the bench for 10 s. Watch the voltage display. The lowest value is our voltage measured under load. Then—hands off from the sticks—wait another 10 s and read the voltage again (w/o load). The warning voltage should be the average value of those two voltage values.


Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.

Note This App needs to be installed and activated on your VBar Control to be used.