Device Manual

The Manuals

Our Owner's Manual for VBar Control. It contains necessary information regarding the use and of course the safety information. You can read it on your PC using e.g. Adobe Reader.

The E-Book with slightly reduced content is designed to be read on your smart phone or tablet, using an e-book reader app—including full-text search, bookmarks, cross references.

VBar Control Owner's Manual (PDF)

VBar Conrol Owner's Manual (EPUB)


Changes, new menu entries and features which may not yet be covered in your printed version of the manual:

Transmitter-Settings, Volumes

Volume Settings allows to adjust the volume for different tasks individually.


Local Switches 

Local Sw now contains the Par Lock feature, with which you can lock the rotating knobs so you don't accidentally change settings if they are assigned to any parameter. It also contains the new Security switch, which acts as a safety feature to double-lock the heli agains accidental spool-up. Select if you want to use this feature and assign a switch.
The 'Switches' panel as well as the main screen show a padlock icon which indicates whether the safety is disabled (open padlock as shown below) or enabled.




The menu items below 'Archive' contain file viewers for 'Screenshots', battery logs, event logs and if a GPS sensor is used on the model, the latest GPS position of the model, with a QR code which you can scan with your smart phone to e.g. find a lost model using the smart phone's map App.