Step 2: Enabling the governor - combined mode - recommended

For enabling the governor select "Nitro combined" in Gov1 tab of the pc software. This is our recommended mode on every nitro heli for firmware 5.2.4 with pc software 5.2.5 or higher. Send the entire data to the VBar by doing a click on the "reset" button.

Preset channel from reciever:

Set as needed. The additional text in the dropdown will show you the current channel assignments for your assistance. Use the throttle channel from your transmitter here. Using standard hookup there will be only AUX as possible channel. In this case connect the AUX input to the throttle channel at the Reciever with a patch cable.

Output socket on VBar:

Set as needed. Take note that the Servo socket near the sensor socket has only a limited power lead. So it is forbidden to use this as power source input. You can also choose Servo 4 (not with 4 swash servos) or Collective (not with standard RX hookup).