Format of the PC Software

The VBar Software has two modes: The flight menu and the Programming Assistant (Setup Wizard). You will use the flight menu to select your preferred flying style and adjust the gain of your model. Tail gain is set in the PC Software as well as the requested head speeds, for each bank (= flight mode).

The Programming Assistant (Setup Wizard) leads to a finished setup in 13 consecutive steps. You must read and follow the short explanations supplied at each step. In several places you have the option of clicking on buttons showing a little book with a question mark. These buttons lead you to the website where you will find additional relevant information. Also, by hovering the cursor over elements, you can find additional online information.

You can enter the Setup at any time again and move around in the setup menu by clicking Continue and Back.

Careful: Should you want to create a new setup, disconnect the motor / speed controller first in order to avoid unintentional spooling up! This is necessary because after clicking on Create New Setup, all values will be reset, and you have to begin from scratch. The reset also applies to the receiver configuration and for the ESC.