Help for failed Update

During the update, some customers reported that the update failed—always together with some kind of 'endlessly flashing screen'.

Most of the times, reasons are (missing) previous updates and the behavior of the USB connection on the computer (which has been solved with the new VBar Control Manager), or a misconfigured screenshot app (switch assignment which makes hundreds of screenshots, e.g. screenshot assigned to motor switch, so a screenshot is made every time the motor is switched on and off—and so fills up the memory). The screeeshot issue was solved in a previous bugfix, the maximum number of screenshots was limited—but of course, if the update wasn't made ...

Please follow these steps, check for functionality after each step. Depending on the cause of the situation,  all steps are necessary!

The new VBar Control Manager is required, as written in the update instructions. People using the old VBar Control Manager  may run into troubles, too.

If you have a "No System Config" screen: follow our FAQ here


Step 0: VBar Control Manager access / integrity check

  • run VBar Control Manager (v1.2 required, see initial instructions), connect VBar Control
  • if you have stick throw limiters installed at the right stick - open and remove them
  • turn on VBar Control (if not aleady on or flashing etc.)
  • wait until VBar Control Manager has done its work—all consistency checks must be ok
  • if consistency result is not ok—repeat this procedure
  • if consistency result is ok—normal operation should be possible again, now






Step 1: Getting into USB mode for file system access

  • Step 0 done
  • VBar Control Manager must not not running
  • VBar Control flashes
  • connect VBar Control to PC
  • hold right stick to "bottom down and right" until flashing stops
  • release stick when USB Icon was lit once
  • now you have access to the VBar Control memory like a USB stick on your PC





Step 2: Check for unneeded Screenshots, File system check, Memory check

  • Steps in order: 0,1,0 done w/o success
  • navigate to /screenshot folder at the VBC memory with the PC file manager (if there)
  • delete the folder or its content (if folder / content exists)
  • right click on the VBC USB drive, then properties
  • Choose "Tools" tab, "Check Now"
  • Perform a File system check with auto repair
  • check memory size (approx. 2-2.5 MB used)
  • if used memory is more than 4 MB - go to Step 4
  • otherwise redo Step 0






Step 3: make hidden files and folders visible and force VBar Control to get all files new

  • Steps in order: 0, 1, 2, 0 done w/o success
  • VBar Control Manager must not be running
  • in Windows Explorer (Menue item 'Organize, Folder and Search Options') set as follows:
  • system folders visible
  • hidden files visible
  • navigate to /sys folder
  • delete boot.bxx and _pl file
  • redo step 0
  • do not forget to set the visibility of hidden folders and files back to previous values for your computer, if necessary





Step 4: make a backup of all data on your VBar Control, format the drive and restore data (optional)

  • Steps in Order 0, 1, 2, 0, 3, 0 done w/o success
  • VBar Control Manager must not be running
  • hidden files / system folders visible (see step 3)
  • create a folder on your computer's hard disk named e.g. 'VBC_Backup'
  • navigate to VBar Control drive, mark all files and folders
  • copy all to your backup folder
  • right click on the VBar Control Drive, select format
  • format the drive (do not change the format options which are shown)
  • redo Step 0
  • copy all files in backup - battery and VBar folders to the VBC (or the complete set folders)




Manual Boot: Needed after a succesful update but still showing old version in start screen

  •  disconnect USB
  • VBar Control still shows old version
  • turn VBar Control off
  • hold right stick "bottom down and right"
  • turn on VBar Control (keep stick right down)
  • release stick
  • click button to boot
  • VBar Control will reboot and turn of
  • check version (turn on Vbar Control normally)