Select VBar Governor


Select Model Setup, Setup Tools, ESC Setup Wizard from the menu.

  • Danger Take safety precautions so the power unit can not start up accidentally and cause physical injury or physical damage.

Select YGE from the menu.

Carefully read the instructions on the screen of your VBar Control Transmitter. Your heli and the VBar Flybarless Controller must be set up using the wizard. Both must be wired properly according to the manuals prior to entering this menu.

To start with the ESC programming wizard, move the collective stick to full negative. The screen will change so you can start the actual setup.

To enter the programming mode of the ESC, cut power to your VBar Flybarless Controller, wait for the current screen to disappear. Move the collective stick to full positive. Now turn on your VBar Flybarless Controller again.

Your VBar Control transmitter and the VBar Flybarless Controller are in a programming mode now that allows you to program the ESC using the collective stick, as if it was connected to a regular receiver.

Now follow the YGE programming procedure as shown on the screen: Wait for the ESC to confirm it is in programming mode (20+2 beeps). Move the collective stick to full negative (wait for one beep), again to full positive (wait for two beeps), and again to negative (wait for two beeps).

Now press Exit, and power-cycle your VBar Flybarless Controller again for the ESC to start up in regular mode again.