VBar EVO as redundant System

The Master / Slave connection between a VBar (Master) EVO with VBar Firmware loaded and a secondary (Slave) EVO with VExtender loaded is simple.

Just connect both AUX3 together with a patch cable. Of course connecting more than one cable gives you also a good point to feed both with RC power. Having 2 Slaves is also possible - the second slave must be set with aJupmer brideg (Bootplug) at RPM.

The AUX2 Connector at the Master can now be used as a normal channel, since only AUX3 is needed for the bidirectional connection. The RPM Signal as stated in the Macrocell configuration is now appearing at the AUX2 Header.

As on all Extenders, they are not OTA updateable, so an Update from Extender to normal VBar variant has to be done via USB. If coming from a normal VBar the update may be done by the Transmitter via OTA Update.

Each Extender provides 8 additional output channels. They are mapped to the macrocells of the EVO, so all settings are done in the Macrocell settings of the EVO.

As a benefit from the EVO Interbus system - the telemetry ports can be used on the slave EVO too which was not the case with the older NEO Interbus system.

Important: Use 2 EVO devices - a NEO has a different Interbus system. Do not connect any other signal wire than AUX3 between both devices!