VBar performance calculator

Some thoghts about the control loop performance:

Although VStabi has been developed in a early version for a scale ship the main usage changed very fast to customary 3D helicopters from 0,7 up to 1,5 m rotor diameter. So the main focus on development for all control loops has been taken on this helicopter sizes.

That doesnt mean you can not use VStabi in any other heli or won't get a satisfactory result but it will take - especially on unknown helicopters w/o specific prest files - some more time and flights to figure out a good setup file. This expenditure will be as more as far away the flight behaviour of our heli from the behaviour of a heli in the formerly named sizes is.

In which way can i check my helicopter to be suitable for the control loops?

Analyzing much test flights data and developing special math calculations we could manage it to program a tool to get a rating of your heli before changing into flybarles. To get a predication of the possible success type in your heli data here. For some own conclusions we have added a few real examples.

Link to our online performance tool.

How do i analyze this, what to do if i am lower than 500 points?

The helicopter will fly of corse although it has a bit less than 500 points. But you should reckon with a higher amount of time to get a good result. In this case it may be useful to think about some changes on the model such as weight, headspeed, blades, main head and servos. You can analyze the results with our tool in advance now.

Won't you get in the near of 500 points no matter what you can do on your helicopter it seems to be not qualified for working with a control loop.