VBackup is our emergency power supply system for the VBar / Servos in case of a RC power loss. It helps also to avoid voltage drops in flight due high current consumption from the servos. In addition it can handle overvoltages too.

For use you need the regarding apop on the VBar Control touch / VBar Control EVO. In regular situations the pilot won't mention anything about the system, just go flying as usual.

If the system isn't loaded enough (threshold adjustable) when turning on the motor - it blocks and gives a warning. But usually the time in between connecting the battery, carrying the model to the field etc. is enough to charge for flight. The screen icon and info screen will show you such conditions too.

At the end of the flight the system disables itself (Motor switch off, no stick moves >10s) - no button needed to press and nothing to pay attention for.

The VBackup could be cascaded, you can use up to 3 of them in one model just by chaining "TELE" through all. The first one connected to the VBar will be the master in this case.

At the end of the VBackup is a servo socket where you can connect a servo etc. The signal wire is passed through, so no port at the VBar is unuseable ;-)

Here we have some screenshots of the setup software (see also the help in the VBar Control) and config examples.

More details and examples can be downloaded here (click me).

Fur questions - please post in our forum ;-)