Main Rotor

Mainrotor Parameters

  • Exponential

    alters the control curve from stick (input) to swash plate (output) in a way that it feels less direct/aggressive around center.

  • Style

    affects the overall response of the heli: Higher values result in a more precise feel (can be compared to a heli on a simulator), lower values result in a more vivid feel (can be compared to the feel of a flybarred heli).

  • Agility

    sets the overall roll and flip rate of the model. It can be compared to Dual Rate on conventional radios. The sensible range is from 60 (for scale flight) through 80-90 (for sports- and 3-D-flying) to 110 (for aggressive 3-D- flight).

  • Gain

    adjusts the gyro gain for the aileron and elevator gyros. Higher values result in a tighter, crisper feeling on the cyclic controls. Too high a value will result in oscillations after stick inputs. The sensible range is from 40 (for 250 size helis) through 90 (for 500-800 size helis) to 120 (for large scale ships). This value will be pre-set by the choice of heli in the setup wizard.

  • Autotrim

    Autotrim activates the automatic trim feature of your VBar Flybarless controller. If enabled, the VBar will automatically trim the swash plate and the tail when the following conditions are met: the motor must be running, collective must be in the range for hovering, and the cyclic and tail sticks must be left alone.

    To perform a trim flight, bring the heli into a stable hover in front of you, then let it drift with no further stick inputs. If heli moves to far away, bring the heli back into a stable hover in front of you. After a few iterations you will notice that the heli will drift less and less, until it finally (almost) remains in the position you put it in.

    To verify the quality of a trim flight, do a stationary pirouette: the heli should stay in place.

    Now land and move the collective stick to 0° collective or slightly below, to prevent the autotrim function from continuing the trim process.

    The learned values will be saved if you deactivate the auto trim feature, or if you cut power your VBar.

    Note: Do a trim flight only in calm weather conditions. Wind will affect the quality of the trim flight.

    Note: You can alter the trim values here to manually trim e. g. the tail center position, too. Swash plate trims should be done in the Heli Setup Wizard.

    Note: Trim flight is a global parameter. You get the best results if you perform the trim flight at the rpm setting you mainly intend to use with a particular heli.