Exemption from Liability

Mikado does not assume liability for completeness or correctness of the content of this manual and of the PC software.

The user assumes all liability for all potential damages or claims that might arise from the operation of the VBar and his helicopter.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage 3.5-8.4 V (2S LiPo)

Current Consumption ca. 120-170 mA

Operating Temp. -5 to 60 °C / 23 to 140 °F

Dimensions/weight 45 x 25 x 15 mm / 17 g; .177 x .098 x .059 in / .6 oz


You will find accessories to be used with VBar on Mikado’s website www.mikado-heli.de


Forum and extensive online manual at www.vstabi.info

Email: service@mikado-heli.de or vstabi@mikado-heli.de