The system works with normal analog servos under 20ms framerate, digital ones with 12ms framerate and (for some professionals) also with digital servos under 6ms framerate. It can alo use specialized narrow band tail servos such as the Futaba 9456 and Logictech 6100G.

Nice high end digital servos are not required but will work best for several reasons. One, they are very accurate and have better holding power than analog servos. Two, they respond more quickly with a higher resolution (framerate). Please note that they are not required, but investing in good servos will help your heli to be more precise overall, with or without a VStabi installed.

Servo torque recommendations for VStabi: (subject to opinion).

These are rough recommendations, higher torque results in better holding capability and precision. Fast transit times (.20 and quicker) will help the control loop by responding quickly. Be aware that high current servos can quickly drain a Rx pack and easily overdraw even the best BEC's limits. Ensure you are using a power supply capable of powering your servos under "worst case" scenarios and make sure NO BINDING is present on your heli and everythign moves smoothly and easily. If you are using a BEC from a larger main battery, running two in parallel is good insurance against voltage drop from high servo loads.

325mm blade heli: CCPM- 15oz minimum, Single Servo (non CCPM)- 20oz

425mm blade heli: CCPM- 25oz minimum, Single Servo (non CCPM)- 40oz

500mm blade heli: CCPM- 40oz minimum, Single servo (non CCPM)- 60oz

600mm blade heli: CCPM- 50oz minimum, Single servo (non CCPM)- 80oz

700mm blade heli: CCPM- 70oz minimum, Single servo (non CCPM)- 100oz

800mm blade heli: CCPM- 80oz minimum, Single servo (non CCPM)- 120oz

Swashplates: VStabi supports every type of swashplate available with a maximum 4 servos. Even if your radio doesn't support CCPM swashplate configurations (such as 90°, 120°, 135°, 140°, or 180°) the Vstabi does. Many pilots have had the best experiences with digital servos from JR and Futaba. They seem to be the most consistent and are widely available.