Henseleit TDR 2

Jan Henseleit himself recommends operating his TRD 2 with a VStab NEO and VBar Control. We have collected  some information for you, for this particular model. Please mind especially the exact order of the setup steps, since there are a few particularities about this heli.

Build the mechanics according to the manual (ball links in the outermost mounting hole).

To adjust center positions and overall servo throws (with programmable servos) it's important to know that this should be done using the VBar NEO (by derogation from Henseleit's manual). The reason is, later, in flight, the center positions of the VBar NEO are relevant, not the (possibly slightly different) center positions from an external receiver. Unfortunatly, there is no standard for center positions/pulses in the industry. Please follow these steps meticulously:

  1. Bind VBar NEO to your VBar Control.
  2. Create a new Setup using the Wizard (other 700).
  3. Click through all steps of the wizard (Set up all values except trims and throws).
  4. Disable geometry correction (Pro required)
  5. Now you can check the servo travels for the recommended '4 teeth' (in a setup wizard panel where you have stick control).
  6. Use "Edit Model Wizard" to complete all steps.

From now on, all settings are made using the Edit Wizard, or in the respective setup panels. We recommend the Edit Wizard for the first setup, this way you won't miss a step.

Important Note: when using the Rescue feature, please mind calibrating the horizontal position. If the sensor mounting position is set properly, all is safe, no matter if the VBar is built-in face up or face down, but with calibrating the horizontal position you can possibly still improve the quality of the calibration.

On this setup, the following components are used:

Swash plate servos: Graupner HCM 880 BB MG @ 8 V (travel increased to 120)
Tail servo: Futaba BLS 251 @ 6 V
Neo with Pro+Rescue
Green-Caps buffer capacitors
Retractable skids

For the retractable skids, we will shortly provide a macro cell file (requires VBar NEO Pro and VBar Control), which you can also download here.

Questions? Here's a thread on our forums:

Link to the Forum - click me!

The setup file:

Download as a zip file - click me!



If you have a TDR 2 with retractable skids and VBar NEO as well as VBar Control, you can of course operate the skids as well.

Here you find an example for the setup of the retracts servo at AUX1, operated by the Option 3 switch in VBar Control. In the output cell, travels, fail safe handling and delay are set up. In this example, + 100 % means skids lowered, – 100 % means skids retracted. In a fail safe condition, the skids will be lowered, and the delay is about two seconds. In the control cell, a switch is assigned and the positions are set.

You can set up yourself according to the screenshots, or just download the file and load it into your VBar NEO, using the Macrocell App. Download, decompress and copy the file into the /makrocells folder of VBar Control, then use the macrocell dialog to load it.

Download macrocell setup - click here