Items need for first installation

  • VBar NEO with an external VBar Control Satellite and a VBar Control radio, or a radio system with a digital or bus output-receiver or Spektrum satellites. Analog receiver output (standard hookup with patch wires, analog single-line PPM like Jeti (old), HoTT SUM(O), RASST) are not supported.
  • For updates and extensions, and to set up VBar NEO using a computer, you need the VBar Control Manager and the PC Software for VBar NEO which you can download conveniently from in one single software download.
  • To perform updates, you need a Boot Plug
    (connects to the Sensor connector at the time of updating only).
  • To use the VBar Control Manager and the PC software, you need a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer with access to the world wide web (for Registration, Updates, Downloads, but not for the actual setup) and a Mini USB wire to connect.
  • Power supply (BEC or receiver battery).
  • Helicopter with servos installed, but not yet
    connected! Only digital servos allowed!
  • Pitch Gauge (swash plate levelling tool).


VBar NEO, USB wire, Boot Plug, Gyro Pad, external gyro sensor with certain sets, patch wire, printed quick start guide.

Registration, Update, Key File

Use VBar Control Manager to register your VBar at our App Store (click Applications). It will be updated automatically. Connect the Boot-Plug to Sensor, power up the VBar, and connect it to the PC using the USB wire. Every time you use a new/yet unknown VBar NEO with your PC Software, you will be asked to download a Key File (copy protection). It is required that the VBar in question is registered to your MikadoID. You will find more information about using key files behind the link provided in the PC Software whenever you connect a new/yet unknown VBar.