Archive 2015

DateSoftware / Firmware itemChanges
2015-01-02RC Voltage Monitor AppFixed wrong alert during powerup
2015-02-01BMFA Failsafe TestNew App - initial Release
 New Release
Update all VBars and VBar Controls!
2015-02-19Fullsize VBar Firmware 6.0.7Small fixes
Mini VBar Firmware 6.0.7
VBar Basic Setup AppSmall fixes
Pro Aux AppSmall fixes
Free swash configuring AppSmall fixes
Nitro Governor AppSmall fixes
VBar Pro Parameters AppSmall fixes
RC Voltage Monitor AppSmall fixes
 New ReleaseUpdate for all VBars and VBar Controls!
2015-04-04Standard VPlane Firmware 1.0New - version for airplanes
Mini VPlane Firmware 1.0
VPlane Setup AppNew App - initial Release
Expert Aux AppNew App - initial Release
 New ReleaseUpdate for VBar Controls
2015-04-26VBar Control System Version 1.1 - 893New Bootfile - Preparation for NEO
VBar Basic Setup AppPreparation for NEO
VBar Pro Parameters AppPreparation for NEO
VBar NEO Nitro AppNew App - initial Release
VPlane Setup AppPreparation for NEO
Talkingswitches AppBuddy Switch Voice removed
Buddybox Functions AppBuddy Switch Voice added in Master and Buddy
VBar NEO Makrocells AppNew App - initial Release
VBar NEO Rescue AppNew App - initial Release
2015-05-07Fixed Battery IDNew App - initial Release
 New ReleaseUpdate for VBar Controls and VBar NEO
2015-06-17VBar Control System Version 1.1 - 907 or 992New Bootfile
VBar NEO ExpressNew Heli Version 6.1.61
VBar NEO ProNew Heli Version 6.1.237 
VBar NEO Pro RescueNew Heli Version 6.1.30
VPlane NEONew Plane Version 6.1.77
VBar Basic Setup App

ESC setup improved (CC and Kontronik)
Throttle throw extended to -120%
Unbind added
Log improved

VBar Pro Parameters AppRunup extended to 1
GPS Support AppBugfixes
VPlane Setup AppUnbind added
Battery Logbook AppBugfixes
U/I Sensor AppBugfixes
VBar NEO Rescue AppBanked rescue collective added
2015-06-29VBar Basic Setup AppBugfix (8° Setup)
2015-07-07VBar NEO Express

New Heli Version 6.1.62 - wrong Event Log Messages before initialization fixed

VBar NEO ProNew Heli Version 6.1.238 - same as Express - Fading pitch curves now at bankswitch
VBar NEO Pro RescueNew Heli Version 6.1.31 - same as Pro - improved rescue triggering
VBar Pro Parameters AppBugfix (Tail Overdrive Bank4)
2015-07-10VBar NEO (all)Improved Failsafe for AUX2 and AUX3
2015-07-18VBar NEO (all)Bugfix for AUX2 and AUX3 output
2015-08-21VBar Basic Setup AppSmall Bugfixes
2015-08-21Alert Timer AppBugfix at minimum time setting
2015-08-09GPS SupportBugfix (System Log)
2015-10-04Alert Timer AppBugfix for VPlane