The following Presets are Available in VBasic. They can be found in the Model Settings Section if you create a new receiver. The Presets are intended as a starting point for further settings.

All Presets just program the general structure in a way that ensures the described functionality. However the complete functionality is there always, so altering the settings manually can activate everything at the same time.

Name Description

AnalogGeneral Preset with sole analog (normal) Servo outputs
Single LineAll Data is sent through a Single Line Channel.
 PlaneFor normal Planes with 2 Aileron Servos
 DeltaMixing aileron and Elevator on two Flaps


Structure of VBasic Reciver

This diagram shows the complete Structure of the VBasic Function Flow. On the left are the inputs of the radio. The right side show all outputs of the VBasic NEO.

Depending on which preset is loaded, only some function blocks are activated, so the resulting system is quite simple. But all Blocks are there always, so they can be activated manually and used for full functionality of VBasic.