Feature: Bankswitch

As usual VBar gives us the possibility to switch 4 different setups (banks) in flight. For basic setup we do all adjustments and the first flight in bank0 as fixed bank. After this copy the settings to all banks. Now it will be safe to activate the bank switching with bank0/1/2/3.


Bankswitch with S-Bus, Satellites, Single line, M-Link etc:

In these configurations we have enough channels to have all possibilities. For the bank switch channel it is common to take the old "gyro gain" channel (set to normal/rate in TX (not AVCS) to get the full range of values of the channel), because this channel (or gear) can be easy setup for different flight modes. In our example we use ch5 for bankswitch and ch3 for rpm preset like Futaba standard assignment. 



Bankswitch with standard hookup:

In this configuration, we will have some limitations because we have only one channel (AUX) for all information (Bank and RPM). Also note that we need a rpm preset value above the channel center to be valid as target headspeed. 


The situation is now as follows: We have access to bank 0 and 1 during auto / bailout and only bank 2 and 3 in flight. We have to set up our throttle curves in a way that we will change to our flight banks in a safe range. For setting up the headspeed that will be used at this bank with the current percentage you can modify the max. rpm setting at each bank seperately. It will be also allowed to change the headspeed in flight with a switch—but check on the bench first that you don't exceed the limit for switching to the next bank.

You will be able to see the current active bank on our main page in the bar and bank selector display to check this.