Device and license management

For security reasons we will limit the firmware download to 3 downloads within 24 hours. As we don't want to built up too high hurdles for our customers we realized a kind of "self enabling" which allows the customer to enable the download itself until a maximum value will be reached.

If you want to download a firmware please do as follows:

  1. Get (if not already done) a click here >> Mikado ID  << click here- Best would be to use the same mail adress as used for Pro purchase
  2. Log into this site, see login at the right top corner
  3. On the left side you then see an additional menu entry 'My V-Devices' with the following options:
    - My Account (changes to user name and password must still be done in the Mikado shop using a Mikado ID)
    - VBar Administration (My Devices, Registration of unregistered devices)
    - VBar service area (fill out and submit the form before sending in a device—for each VBar, see messages in the Mailbox)

    - My Devices overview of registered VBars and VBar Controls, with icons to click for:
          - Options (firmware) display for this VBar device
          - Option to name your VBars
          - VBar service form (prefilled for this VBar device)
          - Mailbox (for communication regarding an open service case for this VBar device)
          - VBar license key request (enabling firmware download for this VBar device)
          - VBar transfer (ownership change for this VBar device)
          -  Add VBar service firmware (for event log access on Express devices, for service purposes)

    - Mailbox (for communication regarding an open service case for all devices and RMA)
  4. For updating your VBar always use the latest PC software
  5. If you have the wrong page language/localization per default please go to "My Account"—"Edit" and set the language to English.

All required steps are explained within the respective web pages. Should you have any questions, please contact service(at)mikado-heli(dot)de

Many thanks for your understanding.