Model Status

Model Status

  • Governor Info

    shows information like requested rpm, current rpm and throttle output to the ESC/throttle servo, as well as whether the governor is in active or inactive state, at the low or full throttle limit, in bailout or failsafe mode. The Ramp indicator will light up during the automatic spoolup of the governor.

  • VBar Log

    shows the live log of your VBar Flybarless Controller. The last VBar Event Log files will also be saved on your VBar Control Transmitter for later analysis.

  • VBar Info

    shows the type, firmware version and serial number of the VBar connected.

    • Attention this is where you find the serial number of the VBar connected to VBar Control. Use it e.g. to register at or to open a service request if necessary.
  • Antenna status

    shows a live reading of both the VBar Control Transmitter antennae and the VBar Control Receiver Satellite antennae. In case the values fall below the threshold line, check the corresponding antennae.

    • Danger Do not use the VBar Control System until the cause for the issue has been found and resolved.
  • Model name

    The model name can be set or altered in the Model Setup, Setup Tools menu.

  • Save/Load Setup files

    You may save the settings of any VBar connected to a file on your VBar Control transmitter. The saved file can serve as a backup, for reverting to earlier or different settings, or for transferring settings from one VBar to the next. The saved file can be copied to your PC using the USB connection for an additional backup or to share it with our service staff.